Hi!  Welcome to my new adventure!  I’m Michele, formally of Oh Natural Foods, but now the driving force behind Love ‘n’ Sunshine Foods.

In 2015, Mike and I, with the intent of slowing down a bit from our corporate lives, took over a small business that made frozen artisan soups and provided breakfast and lunch fare at the Kelowna  Farmers’ & Crafters’ Market.  The concept of using quality, whole, natural ingredients without preservatives or additives to create wholesome, nutritious products resonated with us, and we injected new ideas, a whole lot of energy, hard work, and love into the business to create Oh Natural Foods.

Both Mike and I have a tendency to make the most of things and always do our best, which led to the substantial growth and success of Oh Natural Foods.  The problem is, we were trying to slow down!  In an effort to balance work and life, we are pleased to announce that as of the end of October, 2022,  Oh Natural Foods has new owners, which allows us to dedicate our time and effort to Love ‘n’ Sunshine Foods, and focus on just the soups and chilis…, and maybe the vegan and gluten-free baked goods…, and maybe the amazing infused iced coffee…, and…  🙂