Curried Zucchini Apple Soup



A subtle backdrop of curry combines with sautéed onions, apples, and zucchini in this wonderfully fragrant, enticing soup.


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Ingredients:  Love, sunshine, zucchini, apples, filtered water, onion, brown rice, garlic, olive oil, curry, sea salt.

Available in 1-litre (4 cup) BPA-free and phthalate-free resealable bags.

Thawing instructions:  Defrost overnight by placing your soup bag in the fridge.  Or simply run hot water over the outside of the frozen bag until the soup releases from the sides of the bag.

Heating instructions:  Invert contents of the soup bag into a pot and heat on medium, stirring frequently, until soup reaches the desired temperature.

Heat and serve the soup within a couple of days of thawing.  Keep refrigerated after thawing.  Our soups and chilis have no preservatives.


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